One of our club members spends much of each summer in northern New York State. and is a guest of the Rotary Club of Saranac Lake. The Saranac Lake club routinely sings the U. S. National Anthem and the Canadian National Anthem. Our club member brings back that tradition each fall, and leads the club in the Canadian song. Here, the Ashland club provides a resprise for thi tradition. Click link here to see our rendition.

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Rotary is truly international. 

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Weekly Programs

Tuesday Oct 28 - 7 am

Hosler Dam Alarm System and Ashland Watershed, presented by fellow Rotarian Mike Faught, Public Works Director

Tuesday Nov 4 - 7 am

Klamath Bird Observatory, presented by Dr. John Alexander, Executive Director

Tuesday Nov 11 - 7 am

Mental Health Service Update, presenter, CJ McPhail, Asante Development Director

Other Events

: Tue Jan 6

: Tue Jan 13

: Tue Jan 20

: Tue Jan 27

: Tue Feb 3

: Tue Feb 10